You're on a train looking out the window at a
distant field. At the far end an animal grazes–
either a cow or a horse. And then its gone.

March  2014                          “Photorealistic Romanesque Bronze Sculpture Painting Drawings”, Queens College Art Center,  Queens, NY
April  2011                            “Ruth Santos”, Splatterpool Artspace,  Brooklyn, NY
Sept  2008                            “Submughal”, Safe-T-Gallery,  Brooklyn, NY

June  2005                            “Albany”, Safe-T-Gallery,  Brooklyn, NY

June  2005                           “Steinless”, Brooklyn Fireproof,  Brooklyn, NY

March 2004                          “Four Projects”,  Safe-T-Gallery Annex,  Brooklyn, NY

Nov. 2003                             “Alex Stein at Naked Duck”,  Naked Duck Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

Sept. 2003                            “Alex Stein . Isolation”,  Safe-T-Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

June 2003                            “My New and Bitter Work”,  Brooklyn Fireproof, Brooklyn, NY

Nov. 2002                             “Masterpiece” Re-Installation,  HB Warehouse, Brooklyn, NY

June  2002                           “Masterpiece “ Installation,  HB Warehouse, Brooklyn, NY



April 2014                                                                     Les Kurbas Center, Kyiv, Ukraine

Sept 2013                           “Imaginary Archive” <Rotor> Center for Contemporary Art, Graz, Austria

June 2012                            “Bring Yourself” Small Black Door, Queens, NY



2013                                     Art-Vetting Selected Artist

1998                                     Change Inc. Grant

1996                                     Ludwig Vogelstein Fellowship Grant



Roger Berk, Julie L. Hanselmann,  John Fowler, Michael Kane, Howard Estrin, Belle Kaufman,
Shigeko & Setsuo Yamaguchi,  Burr Dodd, Dakis Joannou, Nancy Olnick and Giorgio Spanu.