July  2016                            “the Cow/Horse's Masterpiece”, Maharaja Sayajirao University Fine Arts Hall,  Baroda, Gujarat
March  2014                          “Photorealistic Romanesque Bronze Sculpture Painting Drawings”, Queens College Art Center,  Queens, NY
April  2011                            “Ruth Santos”, Splatterpool Artspace,  Brooklyn, NY
Sept  2008                            “Submughal”, Safe-T-Gallery,  Brooklyn, NY

June  2005                            “Albany”, Safe-T-Gallery,  Brooklyn, NY

June  2005                           “Steinless”, Brooklyn Fireproof,  Brooklyn, NY

March 2004                          “Four Projects”,  Safe-T-Gallery Annex,  Brooklyn, NY

Nov. 2003                             “Alex Stein at Naked Duck”,  Naked Duck Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

Sept. 2003                            “Alex Stein . Isolation”,  Safe-T-Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

June 2003                            “My New and Bitter Work”,  Brooklyn Fireproof, Brooklyn, NY

Nov. 2002                             “Masterpiece” Re-Installation,  HB Warehouse, Brooklyn, NY

June  2002                           “Masterpiece “ Installation,  HB Warehouse, Brooklyn, NY



April 2014                                                                     Les Kurbas Center, Kyiv, Ukraine

Sept 2013                           “Imaginary Archive” <Rotor> Center for Contemporary Art, Graz, Austria

June 2012                            “Bring Yourself” Small Black Door, Queens, NY



2013                                     Art-Vetting Selected Artist

1998                                     Change Inc. Grant

1996                                     Ludwig Vogelstein Fellowship Grant



Roger Berk, Julie L. Hanselmann,  John Fowler, Michael Kane, Howard Estrin, Belle Kaufman,
Shigeko & Setsuo Yamaguchi,  Burr Dodd, Dakis Joannou, Nancy Olnick and Giorgio Spanu.